Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pie & Poetry

I don't get out much these days, but I made sure to hit Northtown Books in Arcata last night for Pie & Poetry! They threw the culinary/composition combo in honor of National Poetry Month, & it would have been a hit even without the complimentary gin & tonics!

The poetry half of the evening was provided by Jacqueline Suskin of the Poem Store. With her vintage Royal portable, complete with a 'Your Subject, Your Price' sign, Jacqueline creates impromptu poetry on demand. Here's the yarn-themed bit she 'penned' for me:


We take our time with the weaving
of our ways, picking our paths
as bits of straw from wool, with care
and all senses alight. But to settle on
the actual weave is to cut past all
the go between and make motion our debt
to the cycle of all things. From sheep
back to our back, the warmth of connection
becomes craft and the purpose of spinning
is clear as our spot of time on this
ongoing line of again & again.
~Jacqueline Suskin April 24th, 2010

You can catch Jacqueline pecking out poems all season on the Arcata Plaza at Farmers Market, or commission one at the Poem Store online. Oh, and listen to KRFH, Radio Free Humboldt, if you get it - not only are they award-winners, but the reporter they sent to cover P&P had me read 'my' poem for the presentation they are planning to air during one of their Saturday shows.

As for the pie, Monika and Sarah really outdid themselves! Monika's Double Cherry was my favorite, but the surprise of the evening was Sarah's delightful Avacado Chiffon, which blew me away. I tried it for the novelty factor, but what brought me back for seconds was the clean, citrusy goodness that melted on my tongue. When they get their Pie Truck idea up and running, you can BET I'll be a regular customer!

Finally, let me give you my Craft or Bust! Week 16 roundup:


  1. That is so cool! How long did it take her to write the poem. Did she do it right then and there? Can't image that. I used to write poetry and each little thing took me for freaking ever! If you get your hands on that pie recipe, I'd love to have a copy. Or you can just send me a pie...

  2. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Avocado Chiffon?! Whoa, now that's creative!


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