Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sit 'n' Knit at Crafty Mavericks

I can prove at least that my knitting bag was at Sunday's Sit 'n' Knit at the Crafty Mavericks Handmade & Vintage Spring Show at the Bayside Grange. I was busy snapping pics & getting an impromptu crochet lesson from Paula, so this photo is the only evidence I have that I was there. There was an outside shot that this week's 'episode' of the Arcata Eye was going to feature a pic of brightly-clad me, as Terence McNally was there photodocumenting our knitterly & crotchet-erly goings on, but I checked today, & they left out the pics of us over on the couches. :(

I actually did a pretty-piss poor job of papparazzi-ing mysel. This shot of Rachelle is the only other people pic I captured, despite Sunni and Paula both being there too.

I did get a couple of shots over in the YARN-Chicken Boots booth, though. Look how cute the new fabric Chicken Boots sign is - Saremy printed it out on her her computer!

She (wo)manned the booth while demo-ing one of her wristlet bags, perfect for holding your small WIP while glad-handing customers and other show-goers.

In addition to the wristlets, Saremy had lots of needle cases, project bags, & pocket buckets on offer too.

And Sunni brought her line of handmade jewelry, as well as a few hand-knit pieces and several of her upcycled shawl-ponchos (shawnchos? pawls?) made from thrifted sweaters. Find her creations at YARN-Shipwreck in Eureka, CA. Thanks to YARN for hosting the Sit 'n' Knit on the road!

One last crafty seller photo - this is my friend Malia of Do Over! on Etsy. She makes monster plushies, among other things, and SHE got her photo in the Arcata Eye this week instead of me, but how could she not? She was the cutest one there! I'm excited for her because she is going to Greece for a month as an artist model. Go, Malia!

And this is just a photo I snapped on my ride home from the craft show - Day 115 of 2010: A Year in Pictures! Still keeping up with that project, but some days: just barely.

I'll leave you with this, what I wore to the show: I am "Color Can't Hurt You!"-incarnate! If you didn't know, that's my company motto for COLORBOMB Creations. I'm sporting 'All Het Up', a skein of my Bobblesque handspun art yarn. It's a bunch of HOT pink supercoils in a nest of beehives. LOVE! Who says yarn can't be jewelry?


  1. Wow, these are great! Thanks so much for taking and posting these. I like how I'm staring in to the future, trying to imagine a time when my sock will look like a real sock, and not a badly drawn child's dinosaur.




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