All COLORBOMB Creations Yarns:
  • GAUGE: Fiber content, yardage, and weight vary; range from Worsted (approx. 9-10WPI) to Über-Bulky (approx. 1-4WPI)
  • CARE: Recommend gently hand-washing separately in cool water with mild detergent & air drying flat out of direct sunlight.
  • COLORBOMB Greenish™ products are made from scavenged, repurposed, reclaimed, thrifted, & donated materials. Let your DIY meet Reduce-Reuse-Recycle! 
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If you can’t get enough bling in your yarn, then Beadazzled™ yarn is the one for you! Singles plied with a strand of beads throughout.

Thick-and-thin singles plied with thread or yarn into big ol’ beehive-bobbles.

The ‘artsy-fartsiest’ of COLORBOMB yarns, you never know what you’ll find in a skein of BOMBastic Handspun! Some will have feathers, some toys, some vintage textiles -- could be anything, but you know they’ll be OOAK and creative.

BOMBastic Holiday
Holiday-themed ‘BOMBastic’ yarns have been done for CHRISTMAYULESTIVUSOLSTIKWANZUKKAH and Halloween previously; request a holiday yarn today!!


Fluffy, soft singles that are plied in beehives, sometimes with thread, sometimes with commercial yarn. All are poofy and playful.

The pimped-out version of a Curlicuey™ yarn. Singles are plied in beehives PLUS extra bobbles, halos, & locks. Super fun!

the boa-version of a Curlicuey™ yarn. Fluffy, soft singles that are plied in beehives with commercial eyelash yarn to achieve the texture of a feather boa. All are poofy and playful.

Dangly Bits
Singles with something that, well, dangles from it. Tassels, beads, felt balls, coins, doll heads: you name it. Lots of fun to knit with or crochet, and kids (and kids-at-heart) love having something hanging from their hats.

A twist (a pun!) on the similar Spiralosity™ yarns; both are wrapped with thread(s), but Enwraptured™ singles are wrapped, and wrapped again. LOTS of thready goodness creates a 3D effect.

Predominantly wool singles that have been fulled after spinning to achieve a lovely felted look and nice old-sweater hand. Sturdy, too!

The fluffliest yarn you’ll find around! Clouds of corespun wool with loads of sparkle spun in.


Ethereal corespun singles made from filmy uncarded locks, they have a delicate halo that lets the commercial mohair yarn underneath just peek through.


Like Nubular™ yarns, these are singles that are studded with cocoons, but these cocoons are GIANT and they’re WRAPPED!

Singles made from locks, typically mohair locks; sometimes core-spun, sometimes not. Soft and shiny and lovely when worked up.

Singles tightly spun in supercoils or corkscrews around a core, and they are so fun! Very sproingy and interesting looking.

LoopyDoopy Minis
The cute little sister to LoopyDoopy™ yarns, singles tightly spun in supercoils or corkscrews around a core, and so fun! Very sproingy and interesting looking.

Ménage à Trois
You guessed it! They're 3-ply! In order to maximize the color sequences of the lovely hand-dyed fibers available, these yarns are chain-plied (aka Diné/Navajo plying). Purdy.

Singles that are studded with nubs, slubs, cocoons, worms - whatever name you give them, they are bumpy and fun!


Chock-full of fabric scraps, whimsical and one-of-a-kind. Singles with bits of colored fabric spun directly into the fiber. A COLORBOMB Greenish™ product.

Singles composed of the brightest, softest silk thrums left over from the production of saris, the traditional garment worn by women in India, Bangladesh, and surrounding regions. Each is corespun around vintage commercial mohair yarn. A COLORBOMB Greenish™ product.

Myriad yarn scraps spun into a base of fiber for a fun and funky, highly-textured yarn. Usually plied with thread or millspun yarn for extra durability and interest. A COLORBOMB Greenish™ product.

Highly-textured singles resembling shag carpeting. Loaded with bits of scavenged yarn & plied with thread or millspun yarn for extra durability and visual interest. A COLORBOMB Greenish™ product.

The zen of handspun: singles spun with an eye toward uniformity and simplicity. Great when you want a more ‘vanilla’ yarn to complement my wilder art yarn flavors.

Singulator TnT™
Simple (and not-so-simple) singles, spun thick-and-thin. Sometimes the difference between the Thick and the Thin is great, other times they are almost uniform. Always playful!

Singles spun spiral-fashion with millspun yarns or thread carried along to create a barberpole effect. They are cutie-patootie!


TnT Plus!™
Like their simpler Singular TnT™ counterparts, are singles spun thick-and-thin, PLUS inclusions! Always playful, they have mohair locks or lengths of commercial eyelash spun in for extra friskiness.

 TooFly TwoPly™
Yarns are (you guessed it!) 2-ply! Spin one single, spin another single, ply ‘em together, and voila! -- TooFly TwoPly! Awful purdy.

tuft: n. a bunch of soft fluffy threads cut off short and used as ornament
2ply yarns sprinkled with tufts of fiber wrapped like little presents of love.

Similar to Bobblesque™ yarns, beehives but with puffy turbans & turkish knots instead of bobbles.

Two, two, two yarns in one! Paired yarns in any style, but 2 complementary skeins!

Fuzzy uncarded wool singles spun semi thick-and-thin to be rustic in feel, with lots of texture. Very tactile and pleasing.

WoolyBear Cub™
The little brothers of the bulkier WoolyBear™ yarns. Fuzzy uncarded wool singles are spun semi thick-and-thin to be rustic in feel, with lots of texture.

The pimped-out version of WoolyBear™ yarn. A fuzzy uncarded wool singles spun thick-and-thin to be rustic in feel, with lots of texture and with an added kick: bling! Sequins and sparkle are added to push up the sparkle factor.
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