Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday I dug out a bunch of acrylic (read: will withstand the wet Humboldt weather), my biggest crochet hook (a sparkle 'S' /19mm from Addi), and an art-centric attitude & headed to YARN in Eureka, CA, for some YARNBOMBING! Sunni, aka the-hostess-with-the-mostess, sponsored what was my first hands-on yarn graffiti experience, complete with complementary port and chocolate!

It was broad daylight, & we had a permit, so maybe the 'breakin' the law' factor wasn't that high, but it was still yarnbombing! At least that means no need for anonymity and secrecy. That's our hostess above, Sunni, working on her piece.

The guerrilla knitting gathering was part of the Ladyfest Northwest celebration, April30-May2, a street-fair style party raising money to fight domestic violence. We added laminated flyers about the event & the issue to each of our fibery 'tags'.

I put my on-the-fly turquoise & gold freeform crochet bit up as high as I could reach on the pole outside the window of the shop where we gathered.

And this is Saremy stitching down-pole from me.

That's a weensy bit of handspun, leftover from a hat I made years ago, that I attached to a bike rack a few feet away.

Sunni made a tree cozie!

An anonymous tag across the street that was already up when we arrived.

Check out Saremy's spiral of swatches!

Me, happily embellishing Saremy's spiraling tree wrapper with a round bit that I knit in 2005 during Freeform Knit 365.

I had a smashing good time, & can really see myself doing more street art. I've been giving some thought to what my 'tagger' name should be, but haven't settled on anything yet. Ideas? Hope to have more to share soon!


  1. Awesome! Looks like a ton of fun. Yarnabomber?

  2. I've been really inspired by the work of yarn bombers, especially the knitta please site. I have tons of swatches lying around, and i've considered sewing them together and leaving them somewhere really obvious. I'm just afraid that they will rot in the Eugene rain, as I knit almost exclusively in natural fibers. But I guess I could consider them to be like Tibetan prayer flags- releasing my love of fiber, art and color to the world as they slowly disintegrate. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love it!! We have a slew of local yarnbombers who COVERED all of the trees outside of the convention center here in town... so cool!

    haha.... how about The Velvet Bomb!

  4. wait... wait... no, that is your burlesque name... it should be V~Bomb! lol... ;)

  5. Looks like fun! ... what about CeeBee (like how you'd pronounce CB)

  6. I love that you guys had a permit, that's hilarious. And in the first picture you totally match the store. Fabulous. I was so bummed that I couldn't make it but these pictures are the next best thing. I'll be walking through old town tonight, I hope they're still up!

  7. So great, and a permit! Hilarious...what exactly did the permit permit?


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