Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lace Virgin

I've made lace before (see my WedWrap & In a Theater Darkly if you don't believe me), but never real lace. By 'real lace' I mean more than simple yarnovers, something intricate, delicate. But I'm gonna pop that lacy cherry with the Sweet Lily Shawl by Kristin Omdahl and my Lace Shawl Virgin project!

In the Spring '09 issue of Interweave Knits, I found this shawl via Ravelry when I was looking for a pattern to use my new Wollmeise Lace Garn; I was inspired by tausigma's Eleanor Bold Blue version in the shade of Malabrigo Lace I like best: Azul Bolito, which by rights should be called retina burn blue! But I decided that for my first big lace project, I'd try a more budget-friendly yarn, so when Sunni started carrying Cascade Alpaca Lace at YARN-fun, I decided to give it a try; 874 yards for only about $15! I got 'thistle', the scrumptious purple shade.

First I wound my yarn into cakes and placed it in a ziploc bag with a snipped-off corner - instant DIY yarn bra! Keeps it tidy and untangled. I cast on April 6th, trying the prescribed invisible provisional cast-on for the first time; no problem at all if you consult the video at Knittinghelp.com.

But as soon as I completed the garter stitch border and got one row into the chart, I realized I had a problem: blunt needles do not a pleasant lace experience make. Bye bye, Addi Turbos! but I don't have any lace needles, and the Addi Lace needles at my LYS didn't look that much pointier than the standard tips. So, I decided in good make-do fashion to make my own!

I'd hoped to have a how-to tutorial for you today, but didn't get to it - you'll have to check back for it next week!


  1. I love bamboo for lace - just enough traction to keep me from losing my mind with constantly slipped stitches! Can't wait to see your solution!

  2. The Addi lace needles have much pointier points than the turbos. They are pretty much all I use these days for everything but socks where I'm still loving my dpns. Happy lacing!

  3. Isn't KnittingHelp.com great? I learned the kitchener stitch from their videos. Can't wait to see your DIY needles.


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