Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sweater for my Head

Just in time for summer, I'm making a head sweater, LOL! Last fall I spun up some AMAZING merino wool top from Forest Fiber Works, her 'Del Sol' colorway - a deep and vivid combination of red, orange & purples. I pulled 220 yards of the plumpest 3ply, COLORBOMB Ménage à Trois™ in 'Flambe', off my Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle.

It's a fat worsted weight, about 9-10WPI, and the gauge is right around 4-5 stitches to the inch on US7 needles over garter stitch, according to my patented 'fakey gauge method': cast on some, knit some, measure, unravel, call it good!

My plan was to knit myself a Third Wave Harf, a cute scarf/hat combo by the hot babes at Spincycle, but alas, not enough yardage. But there was another pattern in my Ravelry queue, begging to be knit and perfect for my needs: Headigan, a cardigan for my noggin'!

Succombing to my project ADD once again, I cast on Tuesday night, using the hand-holding Cable Cast-on Video at to walk me through my first time. Easy-peasy!

Right off the bat, as in the first row, you will be working short-rows, the ingenious flying decrease wedge! I use them a lot for sock toes & heels, but if you are new to them or you are rusty, have no fear: this explanation of the wrap-and-turn technique from Knit Wiki fills the bill. Also easy-peasy!

This pattern is a VERY quick knit: I'm already finished with 3 of the 5 called-for wedges, and I'm hoping to finish up the remaining 2 and the ribbed button band today after I go into town button hunting. I'm a weensy bit worried that it will be too long (tall - this puppy is knit sideways), but if so then I think rolling the bottom up & tacking it down will work. I'll figure it out!

Since this is Earth Day, & I'd planned on having a recycled yarn tutorial for you (doh! behinder & behinder am I), I'll leave you with this Squidoo list of links for Making Your Own Recycled Yarn and this one on Reusing Household Items for Green Crafts - Happy Green DIY!

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