Friday, April 23, 2010

An (E) All of the Above Fiber Friday

Torn in myriad directions this morning with no sense of what to work on, I posed the following question to the Twitterverse: will it be a knit day, a crochet day, a spin day, or...? Thea of That Yarn Store indulged me, suggesting "Can't it be an 'all of the above' day?" - brilliant! And so it was.

I started out by knitting wedge #4 (of 5) on my No. 120 project. It is, as my mother would have said, humming right along! Yesterday I dug around in my button collection looking for just the right buttons for the 'closures' in anticipation of finishing soon, re-discovering these insect-a-licious beauties. Not sure they're quite it though, I rode into town yesterday in search of more options. I found 2 candidates: a card of 7 vintage 5/8" red moonglow shank-backed cuties, and contemporary loose 3/4" orange 2-hole standards. BUT, I'm not gonna tell you what I'm choosing! There has to be some incentive to get you back here, right?

Does anybody remember my Pink Pimple hibernating WIP? Yeah, I didn't think so. I started it in October 2007 but set it aside when I ran out of the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn. Last fall when I was down in Napa, I visited Yarns on First and found some! So I dug out my hook & started in on the crochet part of my day, yielding more 'pimples' for my hat that is inspired by Wooly Wormhead's Spiral Play tutorial.

I can't follow a crochet pattern for shit, hence the 'inspired by' - I couldn't get mine to come out like hers! But I'm pleased with my zit look, & I like the way the chenille obscures the stitches if when I forget how many stitches I've done & make a mistake. Very forgiving yarn. I made another 10 more pimples today!

As for the spinning part of our program, each night this week I've picked up my Jenkins spindle (a Turkish Delight) and worked a bit on the laceweight yarn I've been spinning off and on since last Halloween using a naturally-dyed silk cap from Tactile Fiber Arts. Today I started a 2nd spindle-full!

So my day was filled with a crafty triad: knitting, crochet, & spinning. Not bad! What did YOU do for Fiber Friday?


  1. I LOVE those freakin' insect buttons!

  2. OOOO Lucky you having the choice of what to do i'm jealous cause i had to go to work lol xo

  3. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Love the insect buttons, too, but think the orange ones would work best on the hat.

    Today I spun about 2 oz of hand dyed (by me!) merino/tencel blend. And I took a nap. :)

  4. I'm going to have the "inspired by" on my knitting. I have considered "my interpretation of..." since nothing I knit looks like the "suggested pattern".

    I love the insect buttons too and your spinning. I am a beginning spinner and I haven't explored my creative side yet. I look forward to the day I wake up and leave my comfort zone and start having fun with my yarn. Not that I'm not having fun but I truly love what you create.

    My day was full of knitting, spinning, sorting alpaca and labeling roving to sell.

  5. Adding to the insect button love.


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