Sunday, February 21, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 7

CRAFTASTIC! That's what this week was. I'm bangin' out those lingering WIPs & generally gettin' down to some seriously crafty bidness.

  1. Finished three long-standing UFOs, garnering me 3 WIPs Dancing medals in Ravelympics:
  2. Made mine Matchy Matchy: Knit a MM Hat to go with my MM Cowl, medaling in Hat Halfpipe, Stash Compulsory Dance, & Single Skein Speed Skate events

  3. Frogged-but-not-blogged my UFO of the Damned, Bean's Bear, & Valentine Elf Topper, adding three 'new' yarns to my stash!

What else? Oh, yeah, still continuing on with my Year in Pictures: Work in Progress blog. What with Spring springing around here, I've been taking flower pictures some. First daffodils, first bloom on our new plum tree, & quince blossoms. Love me some spring!

I also did a lot of reading this week, although that's not so crafty; but so what! ;) I read 2 books this week, & sent 'em both out into the world via - my favorite way to 'recycle' books. I read The Grief Stop, by Vicki Stiefel, and A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George. Been in the mood for mystery. That brings my totals to 6 books and 3,033 pages read in 2010 - 12% of my goal of 52 books & 25,000 words!

That seems like PLENTY for one week, don't you think? And what about you, what did YOU do this week? Did you Craft or did you Bust?


  1. Dude! Nice flowers!

    And it's nice to see you making a bunch of progress on the Ravelympics, too. ;D I'm stuck in socks, but I expect there will be Acceleration in the last few days, as the socks go buh-bye and I start ripping stuff apart and actually getting to those WIPs...

  2. Congratulations on your medals!

    Also, spring is not springing here. We should have 8 inches of snow by 4PM. Just sayin'

  3. Congrats on all the Ravelympics work. Watching you is very inspiring... for next year anyway. So what is the grand total Ravelympic awards?

  4. I'm astounded by the number of projects you've completed! Love the scarflette - the color is fantastic, too. The finished hat was great and the socks are really amazing.

    I have to check out your Craft or Bust link - I think this week I was semi-bust -but getting offline in a few to get some slippers cast-on.

  5. GO VELMA GO!!!! LOVE the photographs :D I wanted to have more books in my life this year too but I have been on an audio book kick while I knit. Then hard copies when I rest the hands.
    You are a very motivational Capt'n.
    GO TEAM GO!!


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