Monday, February 15, 2010

Atop the Podium

I've received my first Ravelympics medals, & I am verklempt; talk amongst yer'selfs.

Completed my first WIPs Dancing event entry by finishing, after nine YEARS!, the simple garter stitch scarf meant for my mom. Begun when I was still a beginning knitter, I used 'ladder' yarn, which completely fucked me up. It is very slippery, & I tend to drop my knitting often (no, not drop my stitches, drop my knitting; I'm just weird, ok?). When I would pick it up, even one dropped stitch would have zipped its way back several rows, & at that time I wasn't very good at picking up dropped stitches, particularly with such finicky yarn. But, I had my friend Eileen around, the advanced knitter who taught me to knit, and she would fix it. Repeatedly. Ad nauseum. Finally, finally, I got to the end without further mishap, and was binding off; when I reached the penultimate stitch - I dropped it again, & ZIP! - undone stitches! I was disgusted, & stuffed the damn thing in a baggie to deal with it later.

And then my mom died.

I didn't know what to do with it. The scarf, I mean. I couldn't throw it away, and I couldn't, somehow, finish it. So I just left it in that damn baggie, stashed in the back of my UFOs pile. And there it sat, 'til yesterday.

Now, of course, I know how to fix things like this. No big deal, I just picked up the stitches back about a dozen rows or so, and knit on. I didn't even have a pair of needles the right size to hand, so I used one needle and a paintbrush, haha. And it took me longer to get pictures of the FO than it did to actually finish knitting it. But it's all done, and I think I need to change it's name from 'Saddest Project Ever' to 'Sad No More'.

I think I'll send it to my sister in Turkey.


  1. I like the new name! It came out very nice.

  2. Jan (jcoop on ravelry&twitter)12:04 PM

    Here's your medal, your flowers, oh-oh say can you seeeeee....

    Congratulations! Congratulations!

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    It's beautiful! Wow, you give hope to stalled out knitters everywhere (at least in northern ohio at any rate)


  3. Velma, Thanks for your story. I have some UFO's like that lurking under my bed- that I started before I had all of the skills to deal with the yarn &/or pattern. None of them have the connection to family that yours does though. Congrats on finishing it.

  4. a happy ending (except for your mom :-( )

    This has been my reaction lace knitting...I struggle, fix, drop, fix and drop again and finallly throw it in a pile. I may someday go back to it....

  5. I LOVE the fact that you finished it on Valentine's Day. It is a beautiful piece and I am sure your sister will love it! Well done Capt'n!!!

  6. Sounds like a happy ending for Sad No more!! Congrats on both finishing and your medal and thanks for a touching story!

  7. Yay medals! I have seen so many beginning knitters get frustrated with that yarn... But that's awesome that you brought it back out and finished it!


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