Sunday, February 14, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 6

Week 6 of Craft or Bust! was CRAMMED with crafty goodness, what with Ravelympics, a book signing for 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, and Valentine's Day all falling within it. All crafting, no busting!

I embroi-doodle-ry-ed yesterday to make Mr. Likevelvet a card, adding a heart to one of the designs in the Sublime Stitching Stitachable Stationary kit I won at Maker Faire last year. I used perle crochet cotton from the giant box o' threads I got from Kristy a few weeks ago; made it fast AND shiny! Cole loved it (as he should, lol!) and I got the obligatory box of conversation hearts to go with it.

And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without heart-shaped bacon, right? Cole said it was an accident, but I'm not sure I believe him. ;)

Ravelympics occupied the rest of my crafty efforts this week, as this and this blog post can attest. In fact, between knitting, spinning, blogging, & posting all over Ravelry, I've developed an early wrist injury; good thing there is a First Aid Station for Ravelympics!

I continued to work on my Flying Camel Spin entry, Scraptastic yarn in colorway 'Go, Team, GO!', but as you can see by the photo, my painkiller-of-choice is beer, and that's never a good way to stay on-task, so I'm still not done with it after 2 spinning sessions, 1 Friday and 1 yesterday. Hopefully, I'll wrap it up today and be able to cross that finish line.

I received my first medal yesterday, for the Aerial Unwind event for frogging my Inflated Ego hat, yielding 2 skeins of the yarn below, Plymouth Rimini Rainbow; I've already found another hat pattern to use it, if I can get my hands on one more skein.

Other crafty doings this week include:
Happy Valentine's Day, & see you in a week for Week 7!

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  1. Michelle4:53 AM

    I think I am still on a high from completing my lace luge entry. I planned to go to bed early to be ready for tomorrow but here it is 4:50 am and I am still up and picking out patterns for the pile of yarn sitting in front of me. Now that I know there is a first aid station(don't know how I missed that one!) maybe I'll be swinging by there. I know Monday will be a coffee day. ;D


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