Saturday, February 13, 2010

The 2nd Ravelympiad Has Begun!

And the theme for the duration is: PLAY! I concentrated on what I wanted to get out of my Ravelympics experience, stuck my hand in the bowl of Angel Cards, & pulled out this one. Couldn't have been a more delightful way to start my Ravelympic fortnight.

Spent all day leading up to the cast-on party during the Opening Ceremonies taking advantage of all the distractions provided by the magical Ravelympics2010 mods & Casey the Codemonkey on Ravelry. Watched a lot of the 'Ravelry Channel', aka the Ravelympics live coverage radar while getting some last-minute work done on my stole before needing to put it into 'hibernation' for the duration of the Olympics. You can see the Vancouver skyline on my computer monitor behind my needles!

Spent some time browsing through my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries, looking for the perfect chart to use for one of my Ravelympics projects: HH4H Blanket Square, my contribution to the charity blanket that Handmade Memories, my McKinleyville LYS, will be auctioning off to raise money to send to the Haitian earthquake survivors. Found this mosaic pattern in Vol. 3, called 'Puppets', that I like. I haven't worked mosaic stitches before, so it should be a challenge; and I like the idea of using people, even if just stick people, as a symbolic motif. I was thinking blue & purple, but someone suggested 3 colors, & I liked the idea. Maybe light blue, lavender, & dark purple? I've got enough Cascade 220 (the yarn we are required to use for our 10x10 squares) for any number of color combos! I even managed to capture a picture of this photo as it came up on Ravelympics Radar!


I also put some effort into revving up the troops on Team COLORBOMBers. I found this YouTube Olympic Theme video to share, and generally kept up a running commentary about of breaking news as it came into Ravelympics-central.

As much as I wanted to watch the opening ceremonies, have a little cast-on party for one, I had another very fun event to attend. As a contributor to 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse, I got an invitation to participate in the book signing that took place at Northtown Books during Arts! Arcata! We had a festive Arcata 'launch' party, comprised of author Garth Johnson and contributors Claire Joyce and Monica Topping, plus the Northtown crew, Dante & Monika. After 2 jumbo gin & tonics, I was havin' a GOOD ol' time!

As part of the festivities, & to represent for my COLORBOMBers teammates, I spun up some of my Scraptastic™ yarn. Still need to ply it, but it is hot! Now, off to get some knitting done. Happy Ravelympicing!!

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  1. Fun sounds like a great theme to me too! Can't we all use a little more fun in our lives? I have my coffee, my cat, my yarn, needles, and computer.....away I go!

    GO TEAM GO!!!


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