Monday, February 22, 2010


Yet another UFO is U-Finished! Yay Velma! I'd had this crochet not-yet-a-hat lurking in my WIPs pile for-ever now, & it was on my list to tackle for Ravelympics, so I did! And, I've been watching lots of snowboarding, channeling some of that rawk-ous energy; can you tell? Here's me modeling it in a less, shall we say, 20-something pose.

I call this bit o' hat fluff Q-Tip, 'cuz of the fluffy white poofs sprinkled throughout the lavender, pink, & fuschia thick-and-thin handspun singles from Jenny Neutron Star (who has, it seems, fallen off the face of teh internets).

I used a 15mm/USP/Q hook and no pattern - just winged it, as is my wont when crocheting hats, 'cuz I can't follow a crochet pattern for crap. (It's not that I don't understand what is being asked of me, it's that I don't know where to put the frikken hook to make it happen!) Here's a shot from the side, so you can see it in nore detail.

Anyway, I like it pretty well (it is growing on me), although I've realized that one of the earflaps is bigger --too big-- than the other; that needs to be fixed. I suppose I'll have to be the one to do it, too! ;)

Besides another WIPs Dancing medal, I also had some happiness drop into my mailbox today: yarn porn! Isn't it pretty?!? It is a Colorwork Set from Play at Life Fiber Arts on Etsy; although *I* think this colorway should be called 'Velma Wets Her Pants in Happy Joy-Joy', it's actually called 'If Only' - also a good name. At a whopping 640 yards combined, it is designed to be used for colorwork: I'm thinking Dark Isle Socks by Julia Mueller, maybe. (Rav link) Worried that I might not have quite enough yardage for those, though, so I'd better email the designer & check before casting on.

Since I can't think of anything else, I'm gonna leave you to go spin some yarn!


  1. Hey-ya--not being one to resist an internet challenge, I found your Jenny Neutron Star here;

    Be warned, it is a page rife with irritating flash and photo pops that obscure text. She is mentioned by name, however, in several places...The again, the stuff you spin is easily as cool or cooler, so might not need the info. Still, knowledge is power!

  2. Fun, fun!

    Good gracious, girl, you have been BUSY. I go offline for awhile, and you've posted a zillion things to catch up on. I love your word list - agree with all of them, and I LOVE your matchy-matchy set! (Which also matches your current pigtail pigment - woot!)

    Congrats on all the FO's. I'm slogging toward the end of the milk fiber scarf, slowly but surely.....

    (speaking of words, "tubjectu" is not half bad - my verification)

  3. I love coming to your blog. You always make me smile. Congrats and all the finishes!

  4. Love the hat! That yarn is way too much fun and I'm quite partial to ear flap hats. Good snowboarder impression, they have been my favorite to watch as well :)


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