Sunday, February 07, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 5

Kind of a quiet crafting week here in Velma's World. Mostly material acquisition, in fact. But I did get some crafting in around the shopping and the 1,000+ pages I read this week. And I did ship a lot of COLORBOMB orders! That's one in the photo above, some hand-picked LooseyGoosey™ wool winging it's way to Bloomington, Indiana.

Since this is a Craft or Bust! update, let's see what other crafty stuff I did this week:
  • spun & fulled 'Rosy Nipples', the skein of yarn in the pictures above, for my friend Melissa; it's a new style called Turbanator
  • landscaping the yard: 3 fruit trees + 3 spruce saplings = new beginnings! mostly I pointed where I wanted Cole & Jeanne to plant things & I photodocumented with before & after shots (practicing my photography, that's crafty, right?)
  • attended monthly Midnight Madness at LYS - knitting 'til Midnight! captured the shot below, of Bea's baby booties

I guess I did get some crafting done this week! Looking forward to more in the coming week!


  1. beautiful fibers Velma! I am working on the felting and I hope to come to your house sometime this year! Looking forward to being part of Team COLORBOMBers!

  2. Heeeey!! That top package is going to me....wheeee!!! Can't wait to get it. =)

  3. Oo- pretty yarn!

    And oooo - that picture turned out super cute! The boottes were a success at the shower. Phew! All that finishing was worth it.


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