Sunday, February 07, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 5

Kind of a quiet crafting week here in Velma's World. Mostly material acquisition, in fact. But I did get some crafting in around the shopping and the 1,000+ pages I read this week. And I did ship a lot of COLORBOMB orders! That's one in the photo above, some hand-picked LooseyGoosey™ wool winging it's way to Bloomington, Indiana.

Since this is a Craft or Bust! update, let's see what other crafty stuff I did this week:
  • spun & fulled 'Rosy Nipples', the skein of yarn in the pictures above, for my friend Melissa; it's a new style called Turbanator
  • landscaping the yard: 3 fruit trees + 3 spruce saplings = new beginnings! mostly I pointed where I wanted Cole & Jeanne to plant things & I photodocumented with before & after shots (practicing my photography, that's crafty, right?)
  • attended monthly Midnight Madness at LYS - knitting 'til Midnight! captured the shot below, of Bea's baby booties

I guess I did get some crafting done this week! Looking forward to more in the coming week!


  1. beautiful fibers Velma! I am working on the felting and I hope to come to your house sometime this year! Looking forward to being part of Team COLORBOMBers!

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Heeeey!! That top package is going to me....wheeee!!! Can't wait to get it. =)

  3. Oo- pretty yarn!

    And oooo - that picture turned out super cute! The boottes were a success at the shower. Phew! All that finishing was worth it.


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