Monday, February 08, 2010

The Word

I like words. Have I mentioned that I like words? I do, I like words. Here are some of my favorites from my recently renewed bibliophile obsession ('N' next to a word indicates that it is new to me). Thanks to for the definitions.

Finished World Without End over the weekend. Nice little read (well, not little; over 1000 pages!), although I'd forgotten how debauchery-filled Ken Follett's books are. Maybe a little more history & a little less bodice ripping next time, Mr. Follett? Now I'm slogging the rest of the way through The Black Book; only about 200 more pages to go...

This jumps me up to 4 of 52 books (8%) and 2,327 (9%) completion on my 25,000 page goal for the year! Go me!

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  1. You're so ambitious! I'm afraid if I tried to calculate the pages I read - would I feel more obligated than enjoy reading so much? How's that working for you?

  2. I am also a word lover. I totally get into reading the dictionary; I've done it for years and years.


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