Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Craft Supplies Out the Yin-Yang

Look at all the pretties! Saturday I was able to pimp my craft supply stash, courtesy of hands on CRAFT proprietress Kristy's yard sale, with this vintage fabric yardage. I can't turn down a bit of mid-century mod orange upholstery fabric, now can I? This feels like pillow covers to me, & I think I have enough for 2.

Plus I got a whole load of crochet cotton + a bunch of green & orange ribbon + a giant sack of fabric scraps - I see some new BOMBit Kits in our future!! Any suggestions on BOMBits you'd like to see in the shop? I'm planning a St. Paddy's colorway, of course. Maybe a pastels combo... Your ideas are welcome here.

I also scored this lovely vintage paper cutter, something I'd been trolling our local Craigslist for: only five dollah - holla! I've been experimenting a lot with bokeh photography, and I figured you already know what a paper cutter looks like, so I'm getting all artsy-fartsy on your ass with this shot. I started a bokeh set on flickr too, if you're looking for more. This one & the middle fabric pic are both featured on my Year in Pictures: A Work in Progress blog, days 33 & 32 respectively. I'm really pleased with the photos I've been taking for that project, & I'm kinda surprised I've only got one follower over there.

Well, I'm heading over to my wheel now. I've got a singles ready to ply up in a NEW style! Stay tuned for the introduction of Turbanator™.

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