Thursday, February 04, 2010

I Joined the Cult of Wollmeise

This is some MAJOR stash enhance-age here, folks. SERIOUS yarn p0rn. Hard-core. Yep, it's a skein of the highly-touted, occasionally-scalped-on-eBay-for-$60, virtually-impossible-to-score WOLLMEISE! Mine is 80/20 Twin in the 'clementine' colorway, & it is the very MOST Velma shade of orange I've possibly ever seen. I've narrowed my choice for sock patterns to use it down to two: Hedera by Cookie A. or Scrolls by Charlene Schurch. Wanna shot at some of your own? Hope to be at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise during one of their updates, or do what I did, & stash dive on Ravelry! Thanks to Parfait for letting go of hers so I can be in the cult.

That's not all the stashing that's gone on this week, no-siree. I also scored an entire bag of Noro Cash Iroha in this lovely purple-y color. It was a gift, compensation actually, from a friend who decided I need a thank you prizer for helping her out of a sticky wicket. Lucky me! I found a pattern for this great, kind of shawl collar, sleeveless number that will show it off: Cuernavaca Collared Tank by Cornelia Hamilton Tuttle.

Oh, and I knit a bit today! Took my One-skein Stole with me, dropped stitch and all, to Purl 'n Hurl tonight. Despite the dark, the beer, & the lovely, distracting company, I was able to repair the error, thanks to Rachel's loan of a crochet hook & Bea's general lace goddess vibe. Do you like this little Velma knitting tableau, the PnH still life I captured? I do! It's got everything: a little knitting, a little beer, a little candlelight, & a little sarcasm; everything that Purl 'n Hurl is all about!!

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