Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Day, A New Blog

Still Life - Day 16 YIP

A decent photo, but criminetly it took a lot of effort! I took 72 pictures to get one I liked. I kept asking myself why, exactly, I was spending my Saturday agonizing over a stupid photograph. Oh, yeah, that's right: I'm trying to get better. And that takes practice.

The impetus behind today's photo was my acquisition yesterday of that cute vintage plaid Thermos. I filled it up with my collection of vintage straight knitting needles that belonged to my grandmother, and then looked for a sunny spot to photograph them. The shelf over the kitchen sink, that looks out over the side yard between our house and our soon-to-be-landlord's. I like our 'shabby chic' fence, although I fear the only thing holding it up are the blackberry vines on the other side in our backyard.

After finally finishing my photoshoot, I spent some time setting up a new blog, just for my Year in Pictures photos. 2010: A Year in Pictures, A Work in Progress can be found at (I call it YIP-WIP, haha!)

How about a Craft or Bust update to wrap up the week? I've been plugging away on Cole's socks, the ones he was supposed to get for Christmas; I'm on the gussets of #2 after turning the heel yesterday. Maybe they'll get finished this week, & be my first FO of the new decade? I want to get 'em done & move on to frogging some of those languishing UFOs I catalogued; I'm itching to -get this!- start a new project, LOL! I want to do Ishbel with the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool I bought from de-stashing Raveler Chronicles. It arrived yesterday along with some Knit Picks Bare that I want to dye using the warping board Cole made for me last year - stripes, here I come! I'd also like to do a project made from a pattern on the Help for Haiti list on Ravelry; there are several that have caught my eye, & supporting a designer that is donating the proceeds to the Haitian relief effort is, well, a good thing. I'd like to choose one that is donating 100% of their proceeds, but the Calm Waters Cowl is really intriguing, and 50% of my $4 purchase price would get donated. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

I also thought and blogged a bit about creativity, learned a new Photoshop skill, and got a surprisingly cool self-portrait of myself knitting. Not a bad week #2!


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  1. That photo is gorgeous! I love your needles. Go gramma!


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