Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Knows What's at the Bottom of the Hill

Big Day in B-Arcata

I had my annual "women's" checkup today; what a joy that was. I don't really mind the pap or the cancer-screening boob grope, but jeez, they made me fill out new paperwork for peri-menopausal/post-menopausal women. And I've shrunk an inch. I am waaay to young to be shrinking already. WTF?!? But that's not what the pics are about (I already took a photo of me in the stirrups when I did 365 in 2007. No need to go there again.)

Nope, this is a post about our most recent Arcata Plaza fire. I came down the hill to find all of Arcata Fire Department on-scene in front of Arcata Liquors. Apparently, some genius threw a cigarette butt through a grate and into the crawlspace under the building housing Arcata Liquors. Firefighting ensued.

This isn't the first Plaza fire I've witnessed (although, to be honest, I didn't actually see any flames today; but, then again, I didn't see actual flames for most of the other ones either). I saw the fire at Crosswinds in '89 or '90, the fire in 1990 that burned Hensel's Hardware down, the 1994 Fuerwerker Bldg. fire, and the big Marino's/NEC fire in 2001. Those were real fires, danger & damage & drunks oh my!, but I think this one, thankfully, was caught quickly & no damage done. Since there's no buzz on Twitter, everything must be fine, right? So, I leave you with this shot of Arcata's finest, my YIP pic for the day.

View from the Knee Cam - 15/365

(Added: Oh yeah, I forgot - While at the gyno today, I turned the heel on Cole's Sock #2!! Wooooohoooo!!)


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    You took a pic of your gyn exam...OMG, you are tooo hilarious!! I'm doing the 365 this year, but I am not going to my pap test with a camera. ;D

  2. Glad the gyno turned out ok. Thanks for supplementing my lack of arcata news ;)


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