Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Trip to India

Ghostly Knitter 14/365 YIP

Guess what I did today? Among other things, I spent 3 hours online in a live chat with a tech from Symantec while he dug around inside my computer from afar. Me in California, him in Kerala, India; how weird is that?!? Magic. My Norton AntiVirus has been causing untold problems (no, really; some I didn't even know about), but now my laptop is all better! And I'm freshly prophylactic-ed, safely surfing teh internets and opening documents without fear of sudden infiltration. Bots & spyware & trojan horses, be gone with you! Thanks, Abhilash!!

In between answering Abhilash's questions, I knit a bit on Cole's Xmas socks. Somehow I captured this ethereal photo of me knitting; I think it was the low-light setting that gave me the dreamy pink pic. I like how it looks like I'm knitting with 8 needles! I didn't knit long enough to get very far, but I am working on heel #2, so the finish line is in view.

Now I'm off to finish COLORBOMB shipping for tomorrow and watch the premier of Archer. Ta!


  1. Looks like high-speed knitting captured on film to me.

  2. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Odd, but I never look that cool when I'm knitting socks. ;)


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