Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Still Knit, I Do, Really!

Lest you think that all I do is spin for COLORBOMB anymore (and some days, I tell ya, that's how it feels), let me show you what I've been up to on the knitting front.

Remeber this toe, from this post? It was my very *first* toe, in my very *first* sock. And now you can see that it is my first foot in my first sock. Fits like a dream. Figured I'd better get on it, as the 2nd installment of the Rockin' Sock Club came last week. This one is a reversible inside-out design, toe-up (obviously), in the Blue Moon Fiberarts 'monsoon' colorway. I have to say, now that I have turned my first heel (this one is a short-row heel), I don't know what all the fuss is about; it was easy-peasy. I wish I would have gotten the gumption to try this sooner. I'll post pics of the new colorway soon. Promise.

And for those of you playing our 365Days game at home, this photo is Day 179 of the 365 Days of Velma. I'm telling you, it is *hard* to come up with a new way of photographing yourself every day for so long. I'm fast approaching the halfway mark, which I will reach this Friday the 4th. I'm hoping to come up with a memorable way to mark that milestone, so check back here then.


  1. My that is a long leg you have V! Great monsoon you've got going!

  2. ha! that's just from the knee down, too. :) thanks; are you making them too?

  3. Glad to see your sock is coming along.

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