Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Missing But Busy

Where's Velma? I get that a lot. I'm a moody biatch, and sometimes I just want to disappear. I eventually pop back up, and that's the case now, so I'll fill you in on some of my goings-on.

Still participating in the 365Days project, taking a new self-portrait photo every day for one year. Most days I feel pretty uninspired, but I've had a couple of interesting shots here and there (both of these linked shots achieved Flickr Explore/Interestingness at some point). This is yesterday's photo; spring is here (for now) on the North Coast. Jealous much, Vermonters? Wanna see more of my narcissistic photos? OK, you can see them here. And if you are still stuck in the snow, and need a little taste of what spring might bring, check out the daffodils I saw on my bike ride yesterday.

Despite evidence to the contrary, photography isn't the only pursuit I've been sinking my time and energies into lately. I've been spinning up a storm in preparation for launching my website, COLORBOMB Creations. I took my Lendrum out on the back deck yesterday to enjoy the warm weather. I'm spinning up a felty, fuzzy thick-and-thin yarn in warm fall colors (I know, but the fiber looked so *delectable*!

Here are pictures of some of the yarns I've spun up recently (click on any image for a larger photo and more information):

I did 'Blood Fever' for the 'Cabin Fever' theme at Fiber Friday. It is 76yds./6.7oz. of wool from Frene Creek Farms, 4-6WPI

'Right Off My Head' was a commissioned supercoil yarn for Knitsocks, who is planning on making it into a hat to wear when she volunteers next week at the SXSW festival.

And 'Disco Monet' is 120yds./1.9oz. of 8-10WPI 2ply containing a wool, mohair, and angelina blend plied with lurex thread. Soft spring colors set off by the sparkle of the lurex.

I've also been doing more knitting, and among the projects I'm working on is my first pair of socks. (!!) I joined the Rockin' Sock Club sponsored by Blue Moon Fiber Arts: an entire year of sock kits in the most sumptuous merino sock yarn you can imagine. Last night I wound the yarn, swatched, and knit the first toe! The pattern in this kit, called "Inside Out" by Kaci Kyler Hays, is a reversible toe-up using a provisional cast-on and short-rows; I was a little intimidated for my first sock, but it turned out to be easy-peasy and it looks like it fits perfectly. I like that you can try on as you go with toe-up designs. This colorway is called 'Monsoon', and is a lovely blend of greens.


  1. I could kick myself for not joining the STR club. Looks awesome!

  2. Oh man - my comment disappeared BLOGGGGGERR!!
    I was saying how much I like your Disco Monet...and the STR colourway and that I need to try a toe-up pattern for the convenience of being able to try it on as you go.
    Also - I was thinking it must be hard to take a pic everyday of yourself - but that must be what helps inspire the creativity, you are forced to think of a new perspective. The shot of your feet in the green, green grass is excellent. You have even more spring weather than we do!

  3. tienne, it's not cheap, but should be fun. seemed like the kick in the ass i needed to finally give socks a try.

    thanks, miss scarlett! glad you like the disco monet; the pic doesn't do it justice, of course. you really neeed to hold it in your hands.

    the toe-up is going swimmingly, and i do like being able to try it on. i already think i'm going to have to frog and knit the smaller version.

    and YES, it is VERY difficult some days to come up w/ a new shot for the selp-portrait project. luckily, there are about 3,000 other people doing it, so there is no lack of inspiration.

  4. Okay, it's March 27th...and I miss you and your blog. You comin' back? *sniff*

  5. sorry, lana, i've been a baaaaaad blogger! because you asked, i'll come back. :)


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