Thursday, April 26, 2007


I planned to show you THREE new handspun artyarns that I just put up on my Etsy shop this morning, but TWO of them got snatched immediately, so there's only ONE to tell you about! Good for me, bad for you. ;) Thanks to Knitsocks, my ever-faithful repeat customer, for helping me pay the phone bill with her purchase.

But this one, 'Eco-Groovy', IS available. And it is gorgeous, if I must say so myself. Spun in the ever-popular supercoils style, it is so soft, so sproingy, and just begs to be crafted into something fab. This is the yarn that I spun last week at the Earth Day spinning demo/sustainable fibers talk I posted about on Monday.

Yarn Stats:
64 yards / 59 meters
7.0 oz. / 198 grams
5-7 WPI /Super-bulky weight

If you want to see the 2 that sold, check out 'Mow the Lawn!' and 'Crocus'.


  1. Hehehe...pretty colors. The yarn looks like worms, almost. LOL!

  2. that's a good analogy, lana, thanks! worms, i love it. ;)

  3. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I love the Eco Grovy bulky you made...the colorway and supercoils make me think of colored gummi worms! Tasty :)

  4. ha! that's funny, kent, you're the second one to comment on the worm-osity of this yarn (worminess? wormitude?) maybe i'll have to start calling this plying method 'worms' instead of 'coils'. thanks for the comment. cheers!


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