Monday, April 23, 2007

Eco-Groovy Handspun Yarn

You probably know that yesterday was Earth Day (I hope you know that!). As part of an Earth Day celebration locally, I did a spinning demonstration/ sustainable fibers discussion Friday at Freshwater Elementary & Charter School. Eight groups of 20-40 K-8 students later, and I was exhausted. How do teachers do it day in and day out?!? But the day was a success; the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and I spun a single that will be for sale at COLORBOMB Creations later this week, called 'Eco-Groovy'. For a preview, check out this knit sample.

Want more Earth Day information? Visit these sites: International Earth Day; Earth Society Foundation; Earth Day Network; Official US Government Earth Day site; and Official Canadian Governement Earth Day site. Get ready for Earth Day 2008, or (better yet), practice Earth-friendly acts every day!


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Wow, your brave, I want to kill the little kids at the fair, and the parents are there. Hope you help to educate them about sustaiable fibers:)

  2. they were cool, for the most part. i had fun with it; talked about dinosaurs, moth spit, and plastic in the context of yarn and spinning. they just wanted to know how to spin, which was great.

  3. I spent Earth Day hiding from pollen and the wonders of nature

  4. zeep: that's another strategy altogether. saturday was like that for me. now i'm back to being chained to the spinning wheel...


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