Monday, April 16, 2007


It's been a long time in coming, but COLORBOMB Creations is now available at TWO venues for your shopping pleasure: you can purchase COLORBOMB Creations in the brick-and-mortar world at the Arcata, CA LYS Fabric Temptations, and you can shop virtually online at Etsy.

For now, COLORBOMB Creations is offering one-of-a-kind handspun artyarn: supercoils, beehives, mohairy, thick-and-thin singles, candy-striped, felty-fuzzy, scrap-happy, and more! Coming soon: handcarded batts, handdyed fiber, and fun embellishments for spinners, and handcrafted fiber art gifties and thing-things for everyone!

Custom ordering is also available. Got a special project in mind? See a yarn you like but it isn't in 'your' colors? Email me and we can collaborate on making you the perfect yarn.



  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    That is great that things are getting going. Congrats on your sakes earlier in the weekend!

  2. thanks, a! yes, the big sale was a real life-saver, rent-wise. more spinning today. cheers!

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Very cool Velma!

  4. thanks, t! so far, so good!

  5. Anonymous11:13 AM

    gorgeous yarns Velma!!

  6. I'm a little behind the curve here... is Color Bomb your business? If so this is a wonderful idea! I'll be sure to pass on the information to the knitting group I belong to which meets once a week...

  7. jess: thank YOU! (is this jessparkle?)

    maven: yes, my BIZ! thanks, you should go check out the yarns. and i would LOVE it if you shared the link with your knit-group friends. (when did you learn to knit?? congrats).


  8. Oh velma, I knew how to knit long before crochet, but crochet is my passion:) I shared the link with a bunch of online groups I belong to and the knitting group I meet once a week:) I know someone from the "No End In Sight Ripple Along" said I was an enabler when I sent her the link... she pined over the crayon one:) I love the Cheeze Whiz. Is there a way to buy it without going thru Etsy? I can get a postal money order and zap it to you... lemme know how to handle that. You've got my email addy (both on hotmail and yahoo). Looking forward to your reply:)

  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    No.... this is Jess from secret pal! Seriously though, the yarn is beautiful.

  10. maven: ah, you are bi-craftual! ;) tell your friend that 'crayons' sold today, if that helps. no, no way outside of etsy at this point. once listed there, i have to pay their fees even if i remove it. eventually, i'll have my own site, but not yet. this is very convenient. even then, i'll still go the paypal route. thanks for sharing w/ others, and giving me such good feedback.

    saints & sinners: thanks thanks!! you rock.

    jess: doh! i was channeling another jess i know, i guess. so glad that you like my yarn! cheers.

  11. No no... I'm not "bi" I'm more tri (try)... as I'll try anytype of craft at least once. Lately I've mastered basic broomstick lace, and might even advance to hairpin lace... I might even make my own (beginners) fork myself (no sense in shelling out bucks for something and not know if it'll be a craft I'd be thrilled enough with to go head long into a new addiction!

    If you make up a smaller "button" for your Color Bomb business, I'll be glad to put it up on my sidepanel of my fiber blog:)

  12. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Congrats Velma! I hope you sell lots and lots:)

  13. maven: thanks, i'll take you up on that!

    lynn: many thanks, i hope so too. ;)


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