Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Wedding, a FO & a New WIP

(The Happy Couple)

What did you do this weekend? I had big fun. My friends Jim and Shaylin (the latter of recent bachelorette party fame), got themselves hitched and had quite a party Saturday/Sunday at Pamplin Grove. This is the happy couple as they were presented to the gathered throng of well-wishers.

Remember the beanie I was working on for my friend Boomer, in my handspun, as a trade for the mini disc golf basket he made me last year? I finished it last week, and proudly presented it to him at the wedding reception. Here it is, my newest finished object, atop said Boomer's head.

(Boomer Beanie)

I took a new project with me to the soiree, and am loving, loving, loving the way it feels in my hands. I'm doing Tempting from Knitty as a late (really late) contribution to the Sexy Knitters Club, using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino called for in the pattern, but in a scrumptious eggplant color. Without a corset of steel, there's no way that the finished sweater will look as good on me as on the lovely designer, Jenna of This Girl Knits, but should at least be presentable. Checkee:

(Tempting WIP)

It sure looks tiny, causing me to doubt it will wrap around my ribs, but I'm trying to be confident that the ribbing will streeeetch when worn. I like the way the turquoise of the pot looks against the purple; maybe that should be the color of the neck ribbon?

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