Monday, August 21, 2006

Busy Little Blogger

This weekend was chock-full of velvety-goodness. My friend Shaylin is getting married next month, and I helped her twin sister Heather plan the bachelorette party, which was Saturday. Wheee!-and-a-half! Good times were had by all at the BBQ followed by a jaunt to Everett's & Mazzotti's in Arcata to get the bride-to-be all liquored up. Methinks we did our job a little too well, though; when Shaylin puked all over Heather, it wasn't the kind of girl-on-girl twin action you want to see! Everyone survived the evening however, and Bridezilla says she had a great time.

Should have been at Katy and Dawn's baby shower on Sunday, but had trouble locating a ride, so I stayed home and recovered from the previous night's antics. Took the opportunity to get started on the Bobbles, Bobbles Everywhere bag for the Noni KAL; got it cast on and knit up to the point where I have to pick up stitches. Don't have the right size Addis for that, so I set it aside and knit a few rows on the Central Park Hoodie instead. Got the front, back, & feet complete on the Humbert Humbert Pig's Ass potholder for the Knit the Classics Lolita-along. And I finally got the gauge right for the Fez for the Vintage KAL, and am about an inch in.

I also spent some time updating the sidebar with some new links. I joined the new Spinknitties webring, and the Knitty Coffeshop/Knitty Heads webring. I added the Yarnographer's Forum to my groups. I joined yet another knitalong, the Stitch Diva Simple Knit Bodice KAL, and there's a link to that. I bought the pattern, but haven't ordered the yarn yet. I also put links to my Flickr photo albums of my stash, WIPs, and FOs for those that are interested.


  1. Velma... for some reason, I can't imagine why, I delight in finding more projects to pile on to your ever-growing heap... you sure are busy...

    is Cole's birthday coming up soon?

    truly perverse!

    I say HOT PINK! Velma style...

    Love the yarn!
    see you soon!

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hey V,
    I was thinking of joining the KAL but couldn't figure out how to join the group. Maybe you can give some guidance.


  3. r, you crack me up! yes, knitty is dabomb. both of the sweaters that i have knit are knitty-designer patterns. you should definitely explore their sight more.

    e, i'll give you some help. wanna do lunch? xo v


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