Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thrifted Cow Hair Yarn (And More)

Cow hair? Cow hair? Yep, cow hair. Last week I scored this beauty for 2 bucks and 4 bits at the Companion Animal Foundation's Thrift Store in Sunny Brae, next door to my home. It was started by my friend Kim; we met at the spinning class I took last winter. Couldn't find much info on the yarn, but I did find a website for the company that manufactured it; they apparently do mostly fabrics. I did find one reference to a weaving class instructor suggesting Cum Matt Garn as the weft yarn, but as you might guess, using "cum matt" as a Google search parameter yields more pr0n than anything else (and I don't mean yarn pr0n). No idea what I'll make with it, just had to have it for the sheer novelty.
After the wedding reception this weekend, visited the Victorian village of Ferndale (that's their actual motto) with some of the other revelers. Known for being the setting of the ill-received film The Majestic and for (overpriced) antique shopping, Sep. 9/10 it also hosted a Bargain Lovers' Weekend. A garage-sale-cum-barn-sale-cum-sidewalk-sale, seemingly every Ferndale resident turned out their wares for bargain hunters. I scored these two vintage books at Art and Old Things, and this loot at Foggy Bottoms Yarn & Antiques (20% off!).Enough about my shopping addiction already. The fog burned off, it's a beautiful fall day in Humboldt, and I'm gonna sit in my backyard and spin some yarn! Just about finished with the 2nd bobbin of the 2ply sock yarn I'm working on (for Fiber Friday inner space of 2 weeks ago!)


  1. i must remember not to ever use the words cum and yarn together. oh, wait, i don't think i ever have. ew! so what is cow hair like?

  2. heh. isn't that weird? it feels to me like a blend of hemp and mohair, or hemp/mohair/wool. kinda scratchy, but not too bad. the other weird thing is the label says 100% wool, with one of those wool symbols. "cow wool"? i dunno. weird.

    i'm always making cum jokes w/ my damn potty mouth, but not sure i've ever managed a yarn one. we'll see...

  3. Klippan only do fabrics now. Their yarn department has been taken over by Borgs Vävgarner. (the site is also in english).

  4. thank you for the tip, saga, i'll check them out.

  5. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Dear Velma,

    Cow hair wool is made of rather short sheep wool fibers. No cow hair at all but it feels a bit rough. In Holland , where I'm from, it was mainly used for carpets.



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