Friday, September 15, 2006

I Started a KAL Blog!

O.k., I'm not sure exactly how much I've gotten myself in for, but I've gone and done it: I am facilitating a knitalong! When the new Fall issue of Knitty was released, I fell in love with the Intolerable Cruelty Skirt, in the tradition of all new lovers, I decided to proclaim my love from the rooftops, or in this case, I started a blog. Looks like I'll at least have a menage a quatre, as Kari, Hanna, and Bettina are already on board. We're listed on Natalie's KAL index, and I posted a note on the Knittyboard, so I'm hoping for more.

The suggested yarn for this skirt is Southwest Trading Company Bamboo, but it is pretty steep cost-wise; if I use that, I'm thinking the Fiery Red. I found bamboo on cones at Yarn Storm, and that would be more cost effective; might go that route. But I have some concern, noted on KnitandTonic, that as hot as my ass will look the first time it is sheathed in this little number, as soon as I sit in it once, bagging and stretching will be an issue (and nobody wants to see that!). So I'm considering a wool/silk blend as an alternative. Hopefully that would offer similar drape to the bamboo, but better elasticity, which might counteract the dreaded bag factor. Or maybe the Knitpicks alpaca/silk would work? So many possiblilities...

So come over, check it out, and join in! We'd love to have you.


  1. it looks gorgeous, but my ass would not look so hot in that. noooo. um, the silk alpaca will be soooooo hot! and i mean temp-wise. what about cotton/tencel or cotton with some nylon? that would work.

    ok. i am almost done with your..thing. it is killing me. i thought it was done and then i realized i had to do this other thing or else it would be...nevermind. suffice it to say, it will rock! i hope as much as mine jealous hubster good.

  2. i bet this skirt would make anybody's ass look fantastic. i have butt pride, which my ex-sister-in-law taught me (thanks chris!), so i've already got a fabric version of this skirt, sans-ruffle, and sans-ribbon. the cotton idea is good, except i hate, *hate*, HATE, working w/ it. didn't think of the too hot thing. will have to keep thinking on it. can't wait for my "jealous-hubster-good" rockin' thing to arrive. hee hee, i love prizers! thx. xo v

  3. *giggles* butt pride... too cute!
    I am still looking for a way around the saggy baggy butt delima.

  4. hi kari! yeah, butt sag's gonna be a bitch. maybe silk/wool blend? gotta go to the lys today, will ask them...


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