Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday Stuff, on Sunday

My fiber-pack from Yarn Punk's Etsy shop arrived yesterday; look how purdy! When I was a wee tot, I painted everything in my world (which was my bedroom at that time) PURPLE. Having pleasant, fiber-induced flashbacks. It's about 2.5oz. of misc. fluff, including yarn snippets, pompoms, beads, feathers, and fabric (I even recognized a little of the easter grass I included in her package when we did a fiber swap this spring). I've been somewhat intimidated (read: scaredy-pants) to try spinning extraneous bits into my yarns, but I think I'll give it a whirl (whirl, heehee). Thanks, E! She's the mastermind behind the Halloween-themed fiber swap I joined at Swap-bot, so if you haven't already checked it out, go here.

This weekend was the 33rd North Country Fair in Arcata, and yesterday I attended as I usually do. The weather couldn't have been more pleasant; we are typically blessed with wonderful Indian Summer-weather for the vernal equinox here on the northcoast. After a breaking bread with Eileen and Sophie at our usual haunt Crosswinds, and a quick stop at the buck-spit, Cole and I went to the local Hospice Shop thrift store, where I scored this how-to on hairpin and broomstick lace. Following in the footsteps of the great QueerJoe (who has added filet crochet to his repertoire), I'm going to give this esoteric art a try. Who knows? Maybe tatting is next... I mean, why not give my arthritis a real foothold (handhold?)?

After we finished thrifting (Cole managed to find one more pocket knife he simply couldn't live without; he's as bad as I am!), we did the once-round on the Plaza, perusing the wares of the vendors. It gets bigger every year, and this year was no exception. The booths extended partway up 2 side streets, in addition to the usual grid around the plaza. I purchased this pretty little perfume bottle (despite the fact that I don't wear perfume) from my friend JBird. He makes beautiful glass art: vases, and bowls, and ahem, pipes. (You'd *love* him, Mike E.). I picked up a little somethin'-somethin' (could I sound any whiter?!?) for my as-yet-unassigned Secret Pal, too. Sssshh, don't tell.

Lots of knitting going on around here. Check back tomorrow for an update.


  1. Hey! I couldnt wait after the tip off you gave me...
    I think that I have one of those hair pin lace thingies if you want it

    I got a bulk lot of knitting needles..etc, on e-bay and it was part of the spoils

    lemme know and I'll get up in the loft with all of my junk and hunt for it

    my mom and her friends used to make afghans when I was a kid using that technique...back in the 70's... AAahhh...the fabulous 70's

  2. hey bex, thanks, i'd love your tool! (hee). but don't worry about rushing into the (presumably) nasty attic. just look next time your're up ther, 'kay?

    ah, the 70s, when we were so cute but didn't even know it 'cuz we were dressed so badly! xo v

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Thanks for reminding me... I've been interested in learning broomstick lace for a while now...

  4. no problema, sister. :)


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