Monday, September 18, 2006

Knit, Nothin' But Knit

Current knitting update - check it!

Central Park Hoodie - Cable Redux
Finally stopped the perpetual procrastinating, and seamed the shoulders for The Hoodie, using the Invisible Horizontal technique from the Vogue Ulitmate Knitting Book. Turned out pretty well, I think, even though I abhor seaming. I picked up the stitches for the hood, with only minor tension issues, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. If you look closely at the photo, you'll notice that it seems I (again) turned a cable the wrong direction, earning this piece one of its monikers: Wabi-Sabi Sweater. Thanks to a suggestion from Tienne, I may be able to re-turn the cable without frogging all four rows of work; she sent me to the Yarn Harlot for a tutorial on re-turning cables. I'm off to give it a try today.

Tempting WIPTempting - NOT Ribbed for Her Pleasure
After all the 2x2 ribbing in Tempting, I am so over that stitch pattern for awhile. But I've got just about all 15 inches I need before starting the sleeves. And at least it's knit in-the-round, so NO SEAMING! Yeah!! But I'm worried that the fit is off; I wish I'd considered incorporating some short-rows to accomodate the boobage. I guess it isn't too late, at this point. I could still make pattern modifications. Not sure how exactly to go about this. Guess I'd better add perusing the posts from the Sexy Knitters Club FOs. I bet some of those bodacious babes already figured this out!

Bobbles Bag WIPNoni Bobble Debacle
Apparently, I can't read patterns. Because I am going to have to re-knit fully 2/3 of the bobbles for my Bobbles, Bobbles Everywhere bag; doh! I misread the pattern, and only made 1/3 of them the correct number of rows. A-bobbling I will go, a-bobbling I will go, high-ho the dorkamo, a-bobbling I will go...

Hallowig Languishes
Have the yarn, but haven't the needles. Since I yanked the size needed out the Tempting this a.m. to model it, I should be able to squeeze in the first few rows today. Sadly, it is more of the (gasp) dreaded 2x2 ribbing.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Girlfriend (re: tempting) - if you got it flaunt it! I can't help procrastinating on my hoodie, must find other things to do. But you on the other hand, doing so good!

  2. great job Velma! What progress! How Tempting!
    Check out those Bobbles!


  3. thanks t 'n r! (t and r, tee and arrrgh - happy talk like a pirate day!)

    r, i like your new profile look, btw. and bobbles, i never thought to call 'em that! hee.

    t, keep pluggin' on that hoodie... almost finished my hoood last night.


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