Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pirate Booty Links

Did you know that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Yep. There's a blog, pirate slang, German pirate slang, and (thanks to ABC) there's even a wife (er, wench) swap.

For us crafters, you can knit this felted booty-bag. The pattern is from the Web Wench is available as a .pdf HERE. There's KnitLikeAPirate.com, which appears to be under construction. And CraftyMinx has compiled a list of Craft Like a Pirate links.

Why do I know about this? I used to date a pirate. Well, not quite, but I dated a juggler, whose partner Walter dressed like a pirate. Walter and our friend Shea Freelove and the Humboldt Juggling Society were part of a juggling troupe who performed "The Adventures of the Jolly Rodger." For one entire year, I got more juggling and pirates than is good for any one person. So, avast me mateys, grab yerself a mug o' yer best grog and knit yerself a booty bag, smartly! Arrr!


  1. Anonymous2:27 PM


  2. oh you! shiver me timbers! i was surprised you didn't bring up your peglegged boyfriend! sheesh!

    just wanted to let you know that the "thing" i have been working on for you is dry. i mean, done. so. i am putting it all together and will put it in a small boat, put it in a nearby stream and if the lord wants you to get it, you will. sooner or later. i hope.

    maybe i should just mail it?

  3. a train, a plane, an automobile - however you want to get "thing" here (we're in different watersheds, so the creek plan might be iffy). i'm so excited! you must be able to see the title of the post...

    "the thing is here"
    "hooray for the thing"
    "natasha, queen of the thing"
    (does that make jake the thing king??)

    when it's here, it's here, and that's when i'm meant to have it, and not a second sooner. thankYOU! xo v


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