Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jumping on Board

Can't. Help. Myself.

I'm jumping on the hexipuff bandwagon! What? you haven't heard about hexipuffing? I don't believe it! I thought I was the last to succumb to the lure of the blanket comprised of dozens of stuffed cute wee hexagons.

The pattern, The Beekeeper's Quilt (Rav link) by Tiny Owl Knits, has BLOWN UP all over Ravelry and the rest of the internets. Published only a bit over a month ago, this pattern already has over one thousand knitters and crocheters whipping up dozens of the teeny 'hexipuffs', as they are called in popular parlance.

One of the things that pushed me over the edge on making this blanket was a minis swap in the C2S2 group on Ravelry. Here's what I'm sending out:

Sending out wee skeins into the world...

Twenty-one 5 gram skeinlets of SW Merino/Bamboo Fingering weight from Tactile Fiber Arts. In return, I'll receive 20 mixed mini-skeins from other swap participants, & I'll be on my way to a new blanket!

Since I just finished reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King, a novel postulating a clever female detective partner for Sherlock Holmes (which I highly recommend; read my review on Goodreads here), I'm toying with clever tie-in names to call my iteration of the blanket: Sherlock Meets His Match in Mary... The Apprentice's Blanket... The Blanketkeeper's Apprentice... Can't quite settle on one that isn't totally lame. Or at least lame in a good way.


  1. ME TOO! I bought the pattern and am now digging through my stash for a mix and match! WHY DO THEY LOOK SO AMAZING!

  2. I am trying to resist, it looks like it will take me years! They are beautiful though and they must be very warm.

  3. Welcome back to blogging! I saw those hexagons on Ravlery and was smitten! Added it to my queue already. Your blanket name tie-ins with your book were cute, and clever! not lame.


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