Friday, July 01, 2011

BSG Kodak Moments

Following up with my previous post with contributions from the papparazzi!

Unfortunately, my camera battery crapped out after I took only a few photos at Pie & Beer, but happily Don Butler, one of my campmates that traveled up from Humboldt with our regular local crew, was kind enough to fill in for me & share his pics. A big shout out to Don & to his wife Edie for bringing him!

I put together a photo collage of some of the best of them for you. If you click on the hyperlinks in the caption, it will take you to the photo page for each one on Flickr.

Pie & Beer #2 Kodak Moments

COLORBOMB 2nd Annual Pie & Beer at Black Sheep Gathering - June 24, 2011

1. Woolywoman at the wheel, 2. Velma & Dawn, 3. Mmmmm, PIE!, 4. Draft, girl, draft!,
5. Spinners Circle, 6. Pocket Wheel closeup, 7. Tailgating at Pie & Beer, 8. Another group shot,
9. Goatboy's new turkish spindles, 10. Conviviality reigns, 11. Our Mascot,
12. Dawn, Edie, & Windy, 13. Support spindle spinning
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Lots of spinning, lots of visiting, lots of PIE! I think there were at least 35 people there this year, & we had so much pie that I was able to contribute a few left over to the Saturday night potluck. And a big thanks to John & Carla for bringing the c-can of homemade root beer!

It wasn't all wheel spinning, either: I saw drop spindles, support spindles, & even a needle felter! Mostly it was visiting with new & old friends though, & I just wish I could have sat in on ALL the conversations!

For more photos of this year's gathering, check out my 2nd Annual Pie & Beer at BSG set on Flickr. Be sure to tag yourself if I didn't identify you, & feel free to leave a note for Don - I'll be passing on comments to him & thanking him for generously sharing his photos.

See you there next year!!!

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