Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BSG & a New Start

Almost an entire YEAR since my last blog post? Yup. Busy? Yes. Sick? Yes. Uninspired & unmotivated? Yes & yes. But I feel like I've got my blogging mojo back, & I hope you'll find something interesting in these posts once again. Here's to a new start!

Since I just returned from Black Sheep Gathering, pumped from seeing friends from near & far, meeting a whole new crop of fiber people, & generally having a wonderful time, I thought it would be the perfect way to jump into VWorld 2.0.

This year I traveled with Ace Vandenack, the Romney sheep breeder behind Ace in the Hole Romney Ranch that I've been lucky enough to count as a friend for the past 5 years or so. We headed up Thursday morning, & he put me to work when we arrived pretending I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool city girl: I broke up flakes of fodder, filled & toted water buckets, & generally got in the way.

Friday I spent shopping & visiting, followed by the highlight of my weekend: the 2nd Annual Pie & Beer celebration that I hosted in the campground Friday night. There were folks from as far away as Alaska & Hawaii, plus the folks from Pocket Wheel & about 30-35 others. Tons o' fun! Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a rousing success.

All 3 vendor buildings were fair bursting with wonderful opportunities for stash enhancement again this year. Here's what I brought home with me:

BSG 2011 - Haul o' Yarn BSG 2011 - Haul o' Stuff BSG 2011 - Haul o' Fiber

Wow, I thought I spent less this year, but after itemizing my shopping list, I'm not so sure! I also got some free shwag:
  • a sample bag from Jasmin & Gigi of the Knitmore Girls Podcast, including free patterns from Knitcircus, a Lo-Lo Bar sample from Bar-Maids.com, Targhee fiber sample from Abstract Fiber, a skein of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, a button, & a tape measure - shwing!
  • 2 braids of roving in the Ravelry fiber swap: Australian wool from Lime & Violet & South African fine wool from Spunky Eclectic
I missed Woodland Woolworks, RIP. I needed the expertise of their wheel repair guy, but was eventually able to fix my wheel squeak after Violinjodie's suggested that I tighten the maiden.

After spending the better part of Saturday hanging out in the always convivial spinner's circle out on the lawn, chatting with tons of spinners, & playing BSG Bingo, which was once again organized with aplomb by TheBon & Violinjodie, I was ready for the Ravelry Meet-up in the afternoon. Although I didn't win anything in the raffle this year, I'm confident that the bamboo roving braids I donated found a happy new home. The only sad note was the announcement at the end of the prize drawing that a newly-purchased wheel was stolen from the indoor Spinner's Circle. However, Yankee Greg & many BSG attendees came to the rescue: Greg took up a collection & raised enough donations to replace Jan's stolen wheel!

Saturday night's potluck dinner was amazing, as always. Unfortunately, I was too poopered to make it to the Spinner's Lead this year, but I heard that it went off without a hitch.

More hanging out & visiting Sunday, then at the end of the day I got to help Ace load up the trailer, doing my best to fill my shepherdess role, herding ewes. We were out the door and on the road by 4:20, and made it to my house about 10:30. BSG #4 for me, under my belt.

If you were there, I hope you had as good a time as I did, & if you weren't well, you should try to make it next year. Best fiber festival I've been to!


  1. Welcome back! That's a pretty nice haul you have there. Can't believe somebody would steal a spinning wheel, but what a nice happy ending.

  2. Nice to see you back at your keyboard again!

    It's great that you had such a good time at BSG again this year. I can't believe anyone would sink low enough to steal a spinning wheel, either. I'm just glad it didn't bring down the festive atmosphere - and what a great way for people to come together to help out!

  3. Good to see you back I love your Blog, I thought you had gone forever :)

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