Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wanna See Where My Babies Live?

Only 12 more states, & COLORBOMB yarns & fibers will live in every state in the Union! Come on, Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, & Wyoming - what's up?? Make the COLORBOMBers map complete! Everybody else is representin'!

Make yours @

Internationally, there's Australia, Canada, France, Greece, Japan, Qatar, Sweden, UK, US - spreading like a rash!

Are YOU on the map??? See the full COLORBOMB Lives In... Map - it shows each city that has 'adopted' one of my yarns or fibers!


  1. That's very cool, Velma! I gotta tell ya though, I think Hawaii may be a tough sell.

  2. Hawaii a tough sale? No way! Who wouldn't want to knit a bikini from some LoopyDoopy style yarn? You know I'd rock that! lol


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