Friday, April 02, 2010

I Give Good Sock

My socks, they are the proof in the proverbial pudding. And they are all done-ski! Color IS a Lifestyle, after all. Here are the pertinents:

Pattern: Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula by Amy Swenson
Yarn: fingering weight hand-dyed Knit Picks Color Your Own (now called Bare Merino Sock) in colorway 'Tarzhay Wannabe'
Needles: #1US Clover Bamboo 5" DPNs
Started: March 13, 2010
Finished: April 2, 2010

I wanted to use a pattern with a short-row heel because I read somewhere that they show off self-striping yarn to best advantage. Turns out it's true! This pattern is a fill-in-your-measurements formula, & it works really well for me (this is my 2nd time with it). Best-fitting sock I've made; I like a really tight fabric, so I knit it a bit longer & a bit narrower to achieve negative ease. Love!

I knit these taller than I usually make my socks, about 9" above the top of the heel. Due to my massively muscular calves (earned solely by walking back & forth to get beer out of the fridge), that required learning how to do calf increases. Using TECHknitter's Nearly Invisible Increase technique, they were easy-peasy!

As for the yarn, I was not expecting much because it is so inexpensive (retail is $4.79 for a 440 yard hank; I got mine stash-diving on Ravelry from Chronicles for only $2!), but so far, so good. It is 1o0% merino, no nylon, so I don't know how it will wear, but new it has a really nice hand. I'm guessing it might be a little felty eventually because most 100% merino yarns are, but we'll see.

So, I'd call my first self-striping dye experience is a MASSIVE success. I'm working out the bugs on how to produce this in bigger batches than the 1-at-a-time I've done so far so that I can offer it for sale. Sunni at YARN in Eureka has already expressed an interest, so hopefully Humboldt knitters will have access to some soon.

Next up: Amy King's More Stripes Vest in Noro Akogare


  1. Those are FABULOUS! I am loving the self striping, bravo.

  2. simply gorgeous! I love them!

  3. Great looking socks! And when you figure out how to make self striping yarns easier please share with us. I would love to make some but have never had the fortitude to actually try some of the methods out there.


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