Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Nat'l Craft Month!

Yes, I'm recycling a picture - sue me
Better late than never and inspired by Blondechicken, I'm squeaking in a post on the LAST day of National Craft Month! Tara was kind enough to include me in her Crafty Must-Reads post, and I want to spread the craft-tastic love around like creamed corn on a pit wrestler!

So I'm pointing out some of the crafty bloggers that inspire me on a regular basis:
  • leethal and her do stuff! blog - quirky knitting patterns + clever tutorials + wacky crafty goodness!
  • halloweentango aka michelle darensbourg - she's a knitter, a crocheter, a painter, a quilter, a journaler, a photographer, & the best sister-in-law a girl could ask for!
  • miquraffreshia's poetry of crochet - you may need Google translator for this Japanese blog, but her creativity is well worth it
  •  wondermike's fiber beat - not just a token penis, he's also a knitting podcaster extraordinaire!
  • bea and her it's a bea's life- little miss prolific knitter-slash-new-designer has an invite-only blog but she's quite a nice woman anyway; AND she's in my knitting group, Purl 'n Hurl
So go make read a crafty blog and then go make something - you still have time to celebrate your crafty nature!

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    1. Thanks Velma! You are such an inspiration to me!!! And you ROCK as a sis-in-law too ;D


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