Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Handspun SQUEE!

Yep, I'm spinning again folks. We got us an art yarn bulletin! That there is 'Green Man', one of the colorways of Scraptastic™ yarn I make. Scraptastic™ is one of my Greenish™ yarn lines, made of upcycled materials. In this case, a metric TON of yarn scraps! I have myriad sources for collecting scraps, & I need to send a shout-out to one of 'em: thanks to all my local knit homies for saving your yarnie bits for me!

I also did a skein in off-white, which I call 'In the Buff'. Although both of these two skeins have already sold, I can generally gather enough materials to make a skein of Scraptastic™ in whatever color you want; just drop me a line!

These two skeins are paired, a TwoFer™. One each of Tufty™ (top) and LoopyDoopy Extreme™ (bottom). These skeins now live in France, with a handspun swapee! Super fun to make, can't wait to see what she does with them.

Last but not least is 'April Showers Bring May Flowers', the BOMBastic™ skein I spun today! Take some BFL wool roving, spin it thick-and-thin into a singles, then ply it into beehives, coils, turkish knots, & turbans with cotton, then add a few fabric flowers: voila! This one is headed into my Etsy shop as soon as it dries - it could be YOURS!


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    wow I love the scrapyyarn!!

  2. WAHNSINN! (say: vaaaaaan-zin) it means "my crazy-good-ness" or something like this.


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