Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Handspun Love Continues

Yes! MORE art yarn! I'm finally spinning again. I listed two, count 'em, two skeins in my Etsy shop today. This one here is called 'Melon Baller', 'cuz that makes me giggle uncontrollably. Tee hee! It is one of my Enwraptured™-style yarns, wreathed in myriad threads &, in this case, the secret ingredient: banana silk!

The closeup gives a good view of all the goodies packed into this singles, super-bulky yarn: locks of the Cotswold, BFL, Wensleydale, & Leicester variety; more wool, including Romney, Rambouillet, & Corriedale; cotton quilting fabric scraps; upcycled threads; and the aforementioned banana fiber. That last is a form of rayon, & adds the soft & silky look & feel that you KNOW you love! This is one texture-y good yarn! And it's listed HERE.

I also listed a new skein of 'Denim Shmenim', the blue shade of my Shaganator™ yarn like 'In the Buff' and 'Green Man' you saw the other day. It's jeans-inspired color palette would coordinate with anything, just like your favorite pair of dungarees! And this baby is jammed with more upcycled yarn scraps than you can shake a spindle at. The whole shebang is plied with a single strand of navy wool yarn to sturdy-ify the skein. Fun! Wanna see a closeup? I know you do!

Ain't it grand? Yeppers, & it can be yours if you go HERE. Hope to keep this spinning spree going, but I need your help - buy some yarn, mama needs to pay the RENT!


  1. I love your yarns!! So pretty!

  2. Love the colors of the blue one... and the yarn is lovely too, though as for most of "art yarns" I keep thinking what could it be knitted in to???

  3. really? really miss V? creating fiber that looks like candy is just unfair and creating it when this gal is 8 1/2 months pregnant is even worse b/c i dont need any more reasons to eat more candy.


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