Sunday, March 21, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 11

Where the hell did my week go?!? I haven't blogged since last week's CoB update, so this post better be a darn-tootin' good one, eh? And it's not like I didn't do anything crafty this week, not at ALL.

I finished a sock! Remember the socks I started last Saturday? The ones using the yarn I dyed? Well, it turned out BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL, if I may say so myself. And I do! I adore this sock.

It's a 'plain' stockinette sock, if you can call my spectacular stripes 'plain'. I used Amy Swenson's Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula pattern from - it fits me exceptionally well and uses a short-row toe/heel combo, perfect for self-striping yarn. I hear she now offers a Toe-Up Sock Generator app that does the math for you; might just try it next time, just for kicks & to see if it's different.

I split my yarn into two cakes & knit 'til I ran out of yarn. I was able to get a 9" leg, which brought my massively muscular calves into play, so I tried calf-shaping for the first time. See? Right there at the top? Increases! I tried the TECHknitting Nearly Invisible Increase technique, & it worked like a charm! I did a total of 15 double increases, bringing my stitch count from 60 to 90.

This is the first time I've done a roll-top sock; wasn't sure if it would stay up without ribbing, but I made a nice, tight fabric, and it seems to stay up just fine! I went up two needles sizes to a US3 to bind off, & it's just the right amount of loose. To read all the gory details, this sock is in my Ravelry notebook as Color is a Lifestyle.

For those of you who will inevitably ask, yes, that shoe I'm wearing IS a Fluevog; they're Minis in a color combo from about 5 or 7 years ago. Love x1000!

Now, I'm off to read about other Craft or Busters' week, and then cast on sock #2!


  1. Cool! Love the socks! :-)

  2. That sock IS pretty HAWT.

  3. That is so springy! In a juicy, non-pastel sort of way. I have a slightly insipid pastel thing going on right now with some of my crafting (eww ;)) ... and I don't even really like pastel, generally speaking. I think it's the leftover crap from last week still detoxing, in the form of generico springtime pastel stuff. Funny how it works out like that. ;)


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