Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Socks, & Books, & Collages - Oh My!

Doh! Look what I did! I muffed Cole's socks. Compare the heel on the right to the one on the left. Notice anything? Yeah, well. I forgot to knit the 2nd one in my preferred K1S1 pattern (for reinforcement), instead going balls-out in stockinette. That's what I get for knitting while I'm on like 4 cups of coffee! Oh, well - if I don't tell him, he won't even notice. All that's left is Toe #2!

Day 19/365

Books, yep, we got books. Last year, you might recall, I signed on for 30 Books in '09, the brainchild of Knittering.com's Sinta. Guess how many I actually read last year? 2. Seriously, only two books read in 2009. In years past I have averaged more like 2 dozen/year. But I'm back on a reading jag, and although I'm not making any predictions on my numbers this year, I know it will be more than 2, haha! I just finished Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr, a gift from Mia. Right now I'm finishing the two books I left unfinished last year, blink and World Light, & I started The Black Book by Orhan Pamuk a few days ago. You can follow along with my reading progress in 2010 if you want at Goodreads.com, where I do all my updates/reviews/&etc.

Between sock knitting, & reading, & the accompanying blogging of these activities, I made this photo-collage of my UFOs for Craft or Bust. Thought it might just inspire me to keep on plugging away at my finish or frog goal. I'll leave you for today with one final photograph: Day 18 of 365 from yesterday, which I didn't blog about here, but which is posted on my 2010: A Year in Pictures, A Work in Progress blog. Can you figure out what it is? No? Click here to view the whole thing.

Glow 18/365


  1. Love that UFO collage! ;D I'm incapable of making one, since photographing all my UFOs is nowhere on the horizon (unless it turns up as a random inspiration-squall), but I wonder what mine would look like ... I don't even have all my UFOs listed on Rav,much less photographed. DOH!

    Also, that photo looked like food to me. Like some kind of brownie/fruitcake/M&M cookie lovechild. Ha. ;D

  2. I love that picture of the book! The way that you focused right on the word artist...so, well, artistic! I want to make a copy of this and put it on my wall.


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