Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get COLORBOMBed on Ravelry!

I finally, finally started a COLORBOMB Creations group on Ravelry: COLORBOMBers! 'Bout time, don't you think? And at just under 24 hours after opening, there are already 45 members - holla!

This is the banner for our group, and I'm pleased that so many people like it. How do I know? I put it up on flickr, along with option #2, & asked people to weigh in on their preferred choice. I expected #2 to be the favorite, but it was #1, hands down. Just goes to show the power of market research! Happily, my instincts were on the money: I prefer this one myself.

And, after a bit of tweaking, I like the badge that goes with it. I'm going to make it into a blog button for members so if you are a member, just ask & I'll send you one! Not a member of COLORBOMBers yet? Sign up here! There's also a group on flickr of the same name: COLORBOMBers.

What are we going to do in our little corner of Ravelry? I've a few ideas -- Help for Haiti donations, Ravelympics -- but I am really hoping that it will be user-driven; what would YOU like to find there? Let me know via Ravmail, Twitter, Email (see my profile), or here in the comments.

Dark here, this storm-whipped night in Humboldt, working hard at my desk to make the group the best it can be. I'll leave you there, with my Day 20 YIP photo. Come, join the fun!

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  1. 24 new messages?! Feel the luv!!!!! Looking forward to getting my craft on tomorrow :)


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