Sunday, January 03, 2010

I Can Haz 52 Weeks of Craft Challenge!

Looks like I'm not the only one in search of a crafty motivation to stay on task in 2010: my friend Crystal (Impstar on Twitter who blogs as Quicksilver) was inspired by our friend Tara of Blonde Chicken Boutique to challenge herself & others with The Craft or Bust Project.

Take the pledge with me?

I hereby challenge myself:
-- to work on at least one craft project per week in 2010;
-- to capture photographic evidence of said work;
-- to post a weekly blog update containing the above evidence written testimony as to What Has Been Crafted.

I'm a joiner by nature, but as you learned earlier this week, I'm not a finisher. But this is the year to change all that!! I can get behind this challenge 'cuz all it takes to reach the finish line is to work on my projects, not necessarily finish them! It's just 52 little, bitty mini-challenges all lined up in a row. Shit, I have that many in-process craft projects going already! As Crystal says: "Just craft, already!"

Today is the first CoB round-up over at Quicksilver Crafter 2.0 and in the CoB Flickr pool. I consider my effort this week to be Accepting the Challenge. Ha, I'm letting myself off the hook with mighty little actual crafting, aren't I? Actually, I think yesterday's Admission of Project ADD, Accepting I Have a Problem, and Organizing of the UFOs process to be a reasonable effort for the first week. And check out my mad Photoshop skillz in the photo, that's hella crafty! Oh, yeah, and I worked on Cole's Xmas Socks '09 too (sock #1=DONE!), so there was some actual knitting involved (photo-documentation here). But anyway, this is the start of Week 1; I've got 'til next Sunday to make actual crafty progress.

My personal challenge in the coming year is twofold (2 ways to succeed! ups my odds!): to finish or frog all my pre-2010 Ravelry WIPs AND to Go. All. The. Way. 52 Craft or Bust posts. 52 Craft or Bust pics. 52 weeks of crafting not busting. Yep. The full monty.

Wanna play with us? Check out The Rules.

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  1. Ok. I think I can deal....I like the company...and I do need goals and discipline as I too can be very scattered.

    If cleaning and organizing my iPhoto roll of my NewYears gathering and posting to Flikr counts, then I could claim to be done. I did knit a few rows on a second mitt I started in December I fiddled with some graphics on IWeb...does this count? I guess I somehow have to document this, huh...ok it's a goal for this evening! And link back to Quicksiler..On it....


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