Saturday, January 02, 2010

Do You Have Project ADD?

Suitcase of Dreams - 2/365 YIP

Yesterday I mentioned my procrastination problem. Some days I'm afraid I might have a terminal case, and one of the symptoms is what I call 'project ADD'. Also referred to as "startitis", this is an altogether too common crafter's affliction.

To wit: I currently have 16 knit/crochet WIPs entered on Ravelry. This number doesn't include the projects I'm spinning for, or the projects I've started a page for but haven't actually started yet, and it doesn't include the other 10 projects (that I can find) that never even got entered into my projects page! I'm drowning in UFOs - & this is just the knitting & crochet projects!

Also on my plate: testing my warping board made with love by Cole to dye self-striping sock yarn; spinning for 3 overdue handspun swaps; drop-spindling the yarn for my Spinner's Lead shawl & Hatsie; 555 items in my Ravelry queue; finishing 2008 AND 2009 xmas gifts (sheesh); 3 partially-completed embroidery projects; sewing a needle roll; writing patterns for 3 of my designs... Will it never end???

How do you choose/manage your projects? I need to re-think my strategy for crafty to-do'ing. Having this many projects -- abandoned or looming -- is waaay more stress than a hobby is worth.

I've decided that 2010 will be the year of the crafting equivalent of fish or cut bait: time to Finish or Frog! This week I'll start culling from the "suitcase of forgotten dreams" - at the very least, I'll get some "new" yarn to add to my stash. First up on the block: Valentine Elf-Topper.


  1. I'm feeling your pain! Most of my UFO's are nearly done, making it all the more ridiculous! Good luck finishing or frogging!

  2. I can't answer the question of how I manage MY creative habits, because I don't, really. But here's a thought about the suitcase items: Set each one by itself in a place you'd normally pick up your knitting/crocheting - one at a time, I mean, just maybe one per day or something. Then when you sit there, or walk by, or glance at it, see how you feel. If your mind goes, "Ugh - not THAT thing!" then it's decidedly a froggie. If you get itchy fingers, then it's a finishie.

    Life's too short to work on things you no longer love! On the other hand, finishing the ones you do love will feel good.

    Tracy's Two Cents, TM ;)

  3. P.S. I'm so glad you're back on the blog :)

  4. hahaha, you a project add-er, a procrastinationar (had to read that word 5 times back) ?? Noooo, who would have thought :-)
    I am glad I'm still in your thoughts!

    have a great 2010 with lots of FO's and no hobbystress!
    tebbis, your swapee from Holland

  5. I, too, have project ADD. I have spent a goodly chunk of last year having a stare-down with my stash. I have decided the the best approach to my scads of undone projects is to take an archeological approach: take the top layer first and finish it. To that end, I have four projects currently in my knitting basket, one in my bag and a bin to hand of mostly done things that I plan to arrange weekend play dates with. That is, block out a good 3-4 hours where I sit down and do the sewing up, lining, blocking, etc. We'll see if this works. Until then, no new projects! Good luck on your end and Happy Hew Year!

  6. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Dh will tell you emphatically that I have project ADD...that, added to my tendency to horde fabric and fibers, makes for a very crowded art/sewing/crafting room that tends to overflow into the rest of the house.


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