Monday, January 11, 2010

Hardbodies - 11/365 YIP

Kinda down today, no real inspiration or motivation. Seems to happen when I don't have my coffee. So just putting up today's Year in Pictures effort for Day 11.

My mom used to make concrete sculptures when she was alive, using mannequins as forms. These have been living in my backyard for 5 years and have grown some diaphanous moss "clothing".

To see the rest of my YIP set here. Follow along as I do a photo-diary of my days throughout 2010.

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  1. Those figures are really beautiful!

  2. halloweentango12:50 PM

    No coffee?! Oh no!

  3. Those are fabulous! My grampa used to have a bunch of mannequins he kept on his patio and only dressed in discarded Mardi Gras freebies. Those girls wore a lot of beads and nothing else. It really added to the party vibe.


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