Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Not ALL Earthquakes Here

But it is a lot of earthquake - 10/365

In case you didn't hear, we had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the Northcoast yesterday, centered right here in our own Humboldt County. Here in Arcata Cole and I fared just fine; no damage, nothing even fell down. I spent the 15-second temblor under our 6' wooden table while Cole looked on from a nearby doorway. Knocked the power out for about 5 hours, but the worst part for us was being out of beer, haha! Not so along Bar Row downtown, as you can see if you watch the Plaza Cam video posted on CNN.

No power means earthquake romance.

Our neighbors to the south in Eureka didn't fare as well: windows are out, a few historical buildings have been red- and yellow-tagged due to damage, several blocks are cordoned off, my friends Garth & Claire have a busted water main beneath their house... Sending out hopes to everyone that they escaped unscathed. BTW, if you felt it, be sure to visit the USGS website and share your account on their Did You Feel It? page for this event. And for a chuckle, here's a YouTube music video my old boyfriend Chad created - a the tongue-in-cheek recount of the Great Earthquake of 2010:

A note: We joke around here about these things when nobody gets hurt, but my heart goes out to the 20,000 people left homeless in the wake of a 5.0 earthquake in Tajikistan on Jan. 2nd and a 7.2 quake + a tsunami in the Solomon Islands on the 4th. Please send them your thoughts.

In other news, it's the end of week one of Craft or Bust 2010, and I used it to get my organize on! I let my inner librarian run amok, & organized my knitting/crochet WIPs, complete with photo-documentation of looong abandoned projects. I dug around and found 10, count 'em ten!, UFOs that I'd forgotten all about. That brings my total number of partially complete projects to a whopping thirty! Geez. So, let the cataloguing begin!

  1. I'm Not Old Enough...
  2. 'Mater Vine
  3. Bobbles Bag
  1. Inflated Ego
  2. Bucket O Sheek
  3. UFO of the Damned
  4. Q-Tip
  5. Vintage Fez
  6. Helloween Hat
  7. Valentine Elf Topper
  8. 'Til Death Cap
  9. Pink Pimple
  10. Wrong Number
  11. Matchy Matchy
  12. Hatsie
  13. No. 120
  1. Veltrelac Socks
  2. Xmas Socks '09
  1. Troubleneck
  2. Twinset on Fire
  3. Sour
  1. Saddest Project Ever
  2. 100% BSG
  3. World Record Scarflette
  1. Bean's Bear
  2. Hanging By the Chimney with Care
  3. The Beast
  4. Can You Hear Me Now?
  5. LYS Sample Mitts
Now that I at least have them all wrangled and documented, I can begin setting to the brutal task of culling. There are a couple here that have been hanging around my neck like fibery albatrosses since 2001! Ridiculous. I don't want to see any of these lurkers come next year!The goal here is FINISH or FROG! There will be some of each, I guarantee (your time has come, UFO of the Damned! I have no time for seamed hats such as yourself). Decisions, decisions...


  1. Glad to hear you and yours are okay, have you heard from Beapea? I used to read her blog but have not been able to since she made it private a while ago. My daughter in Honeydew did not really feel it for some reason but everyone else in Arcata/McK did, rocking and rolling the whole time.

  2. I live in Eureka and I felt like a banana slice in a jello mold yesterday. Minimal damage, though--some broken pottery. Definitely an 'E' ticket ride!! I admire massively your WIP organization. I admit I am nowhere near that organized and have taken to working on the 3 or 4 projects immediately accessible so that my ADD doesn't kick in and distract me...

  3. glad, you are okey, and that you keep funny.
    i will count my unfinished projects too, it´s a genious idea.
    greets: rita

  4. Glad to hear you're ok. That video was funny (good thing he got to heat up his food first.)

    I'd be terrified to list my ufo's - they're mostly sewing projects - I tend to frog yarn projects quickly or else I misplace all my needles.

  5. Glad to hear that you guys are ok. Good luck with those 30 WIPs. I thought my 4 or 5 were bad...


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