Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Halloween-y Dyeing

Yep, Casa Velma went goth yesterday. This is Friday's batch of hand-dyed wool on the drying rack, 'Goth Plunge'. There are 2 dark ones and 2 lighter ones, each are 4oz. bundles, ready to be braided and added to my Etsy shop.

Got a true black this time, but there was are some areas that didn't take the dye as deeply as I wanted, which yielded an interesting light/dark contrast, very goth don't you think? Areas of bright, saturated orange, pink, & black mixed with faded, paler areas of the same colors. Should yield an interesting spun yarn, depending on how it's worked.


  1. VERY nice! Kind of goth and candy colors at the same time in the best possible way!

  2. Those looks so fun! I wish I could spin yarn. Love the pink, black and orange combo.


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