Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Pretty Pigtails

New Pigtails(tm), added to the Etsy shop today! These are called 'My Pretty Pony' (thanks, Knitch, for the name!!)

There are 4 total available: 1 each of the top & middle pics & 2 of the darker, bottom photo. Each is approx. 4ounces of Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) loveliness. Don't know about BFL? Boy, are you in for a treat! Soft like merino but with a longer staple length (~4-6inches), it is an easy spin for both beginners & experienced spinners alike.

All four of these braids came out of the same dyepot, but they vary from light to intense saturation as a result of my "patented" (LOL) technique. They'd look great mixed together!

Meant to get pics of the other braids I dyed this week, but I feel like crap (allergies, I hope) & I had zero luck capturing the yellow/green combo accurately. Maybe tomorrow...

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