Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer in Arcata Floats My Boat

Today was one of those days that cements my choice to live in Humboldt: the perfect storm of ideal weather conditions, convivial community, friends that make me smile, and a venue to beat the band. Seriously, our band could beat your band any day!

I spent the better part of a day at the Arcata Farmers Market with my friend Bea, happily knitting away and enjoying both the lavish sunshine and music of Ponche!, a local and most excellent salsa band. We noshed on delicioso southeast asian sandwiches from Don's Donuts while KIPing & soaking up rays on one of the warmest days of the year.

Still working on my Velmtrelac socks, the ones I took to Sock Summit, I started the heel flap today, woot! I'm enjoying the hell out of this knit, & of course participating in Sock Summit has re-energized my knitting in ways I'm still discovering. All that DIY energy in Portland has managed to insidiously infiltrate my psyche, in a very good way.

My internal idea-spring was replenished during my stay in PDX. I've had a plethora of project ideas since I returned home, including several upcycled clothing projects and this new tattoo design. Still in the (amittedly lame) rudimentary sketch phase, I'm hoping that I can interest crocheter-slash-tattoo artist Lauraine of Ancient Arts, the only resident female tattoo artist in Humboldt County, in a handspun yarn-for-ink trade. I found an old tea tin at the thrift store yesterday, & now it's my slush fund bank. Currently, all the loose change in the house is destined for this can, & when it's full, I'm getting inked!

I've been so inspired, I even entered the Knitty calendar contest! Since Amy Singer seemed to like my Monkey sock pic, I figured that image had the best 'shot' at winning (jeez, I just can't resist the obvious pun!), & I think I just made yesterday's deadline, squeaking in under the wire at about 10pm last night. Wish I could say 'vote early & often', but I don't think they're operating under a democracy over there; viva la Knit-ocracy!

Check back tomorrow for fair pics and my plans for an upcycled bag made from a thrited wool sweater!


  1. Look at the sky! Look at the grass! The Plaza is alive too! Love it! Although hearing of a southeast Asian sandwich from Don's Donuts just sounds so new. But happy to hear that place is still around. Heard from another Arcatan that the sun is indeed out there in Humboldt! Gotta take advantage of it while you can!

  2. Good luck on the calendar contest. I think your picture rocks! I'd vote for it :)


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