Friday, August 14, 2009

Focus Free Friday

Seriously, I've got NOTHING in the way of a theme going here, or any direction whatsoever. Some days are just like that, you know? I would bet dollars to freakin' doughnuts that YOU feel that very same thing some days, right? When it is sunny out, and there's an invitation from friends to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the yard with adult beverages to hand, it's even more conducive to lack of focus. Which means I'm about to ramble all to hell. So sue me.

This afternoon my friends and I just sat around and planned our hypothetical trip to Burning Man in 2010. This is how I plan trips: ass firmly planted in a lawn chair, tippin' back a cold one (in this case, a 22oz. Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale my hub brought home for me at lunchtime. Gotta love a man that brings you big-ass bottles o' beer in the middle of a perfectly good Friday!). I'm a real BM proselytizer, I am. Only been once, but that gave me the bug. Pretty sure I planted the bug deeply enough for it to take, & now we have an entire calendar year to plan & save, seeing as how this year's shindig is only a few weeks away.

So my blog stats spiked yesterday, in a serious way. From an average of about 25-30 hits a day I skyrocketed right to 100+ out of the proverbial blue. Wanna know why? Deb Robson of the Independent Stitch, formerly Editor of Shuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot & Interweave Press, stumbled on Wednesday's Sock Summit highlights post and blogged about it. Holy craptastic, Batman, one of the Luminary Panel participants likes my photograph!

Last night I went to Purl 'n Hurl, the weekly Stitch 'n Bitch group I started with a friend several years ago. Took my World's Record Scarflette and finished knitting it; nice, simple seed stitch on big ol' #11 needles, perfect for knitting under the influence. All that is left is binding off & figuring out a clasp. Maybe a shawl pin?

Guess that's about all I had on my plate today, readers. Beer & loafing, that's my day. Ha! I think I'm about sober enough to do the last entrelac repeat on my socks and then start on the heel flap. See you tomorrow?


  1. AWESOME Velma pic! Miss you!

  2. Knitting under the influence? I can't wait till I'm that good a knitter so I can give it a go. Ha!

  3. Yep, it was a great post with a fine photograph. When I first read this, I thought you were talking about when I *stumbled* onto the luminary platform: when we got up there, all orderly and as we were to be seated, it became obvious that the dais was short one chair. Being me, I dodged off the platform to get another and managed to trip (well, I was running and carrying a chair) on the way back up with it. Jolly. Fortunately, there's that lovely draped table in front, so most people didn't see. They just heard the thunk. We got it all, as Stephanie would say, "sorted" and the show went on.

  4. now THIS is a happy relax photo!


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